Windy's Wild Widgets
Windy's Widgets
UseSells rare equipment for Coin Coin
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In Windy's Wild Widgets you can buy rare equipment for your Capital City.

Overview Edit

  • In Project Celeste, all players have access to this shop in the Capital City starting the game from Marcus Pollux.
  • The store was originally acquired only by redeeming a special code from a purchased retail copy of the game and also through Marcus Pollux.

Items Edit

Items available:

Item Name Cost
Vanguard Training Scroll 50 C
Vanguard Heavy Greaves 75 C
Vanguard Ranger Arrows 100 C
Vanguard Leather Hood 100 C
Vanguard Gathering Tools 150 C
Vanguard Leather Gorget 175 C
Vanguard Recurve Bow 175 C
Vanguard Scale Breastplate 175 C
Vanguard Vanguard Heavy Spear 200 C
Vanguard Stone Fortifications 250 C

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