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We Three Priests
Egyptian Main Campaign
Giver(s)Prince Sesostris
CityNubian Expedition
PreviousThe Golden Punch Bowl
NextPriestess to Queen's Temple One, Challenge: The Great Camel Gauntlet
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We Three Priests is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives[]

Sneak through Aswan and meet with the Desert Trader.

  • Priest of Amen Through: 0/1
  • Priest of Ptah Through: 0/1
  • Priestess of Ra Through: 0/1


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Strategy & Tips[]

  • This scenario has you guiding the three different Egyptian priests through an established city. The key is to micromanage the three so you can convert enemy troops and Villagers, as well as buildings. You need only a small number of troops to get through.
  • If you want, you can establish a Town Center and lay the entire city to waste for fun and XP. This is done by taking over first the closest villagers, then the Storehouse , and finally a Market . With these 3 components, you can trade your way to stone and build a Town Center.

Guarded Loot[]

  • There are no Chests on this map.

Quest Giver Dialog[]

Prince Sesostris
I have heard rumors of a man known as the Desert Trader who swears he is vital to our expedition. The problem is he isn't welcome in certain cities leading to lower Nubia. Neither are we, really.

He is outside of Aswan now, and the safest way to get to him would be to send three Priests to meet him.

Sneak through the city and reach the Desert Trader. Once he is under our protection, there should be no problem getting out.
Prince Sesostris
Are you not the sneaky sort? That is disappointing.
Prince Sesostris
I see you secured the Desert Trader. He better pray that he is as useful as he boasts.