Warlord Vercingetorix
Champions deal more damage
Age ActiveGoldenAgeIcon Golden Age
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Warlord Vercingetorix is an Advisor who is exclusive to the Celtic Civilization and active in the Golden Age.

The advisor enhances the Champion unit by increasing its damage.


Vercingetorix (circa 82 BC - 46 BC) was the chieftain of the Arverni tribe who united the Gauls (Celts who resided in modern-day France) in an unsuccessful revolt against the Roman Empire during the last phases of the Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars.

When he came to power in 52 BC, Vercingetorix established an alliance with other tribes and led them in Gaul's most significant revolt against the Romans. He was eventually forced to surrender after being defeated at the Battle of Alesia. After five years of imprisonment, he was paraded down Rome as part of Caesar's triumph before being executed in 46 BC.

In the 19th century, Vercingetorix rose to prominence as a French nationalist hero. His image was celebrated in numerous monumental bronze statues, paintings, works of literature, and school textbooks.

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