Wanted: Boar Tusks
Greek Global Quests
Giver(s)Wanted Board, Agamemnon
PreviousProtect Our People
ConcurrentWanted: Thieves (Greek), Wanted: The Vill Killers
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Wanted: Boar Tusks is a Greek Quest given by Agamemnon in Age of Empires Online. This Quest belongs to the series of Greek Global Quests and the primary objective is to hunt down wild Boars.

Quest Objectives Edit

Kill 25 Boar.

Rewards Edit

Choose One Of

Quest Giver Quotes Edit

Wild boar can be found throughout Greece almost anywhere you go. Not only are they good for food, but also Mycenaean crafters can sometimes use their tusks.
Kill these beasts and bring proof to King Agamemnon to receive your rewards.
Ah! These can always be put to use.
I hope this quest was not a boar for you.

Strategy & TipsEdit

  • Lots of boars spawn on Skirmish Hall quests. Two boars will spawn at every player's base and a few others will spawn around the map.
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