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Villager (Babylonian)
Babylonian Economy Unit
Age AvailableCopperAgeIcon.png Copper Age
Hit Points150
Sight Range12
Train Time15 s.(16 s)
Carry Capacity10
Fruit Rate0.9
Hunting Rate1.3
Farming Rate0.9
Fishing Rate1.0
Wood Rate1.0
Mining Rate1.0
Build Rate1.0
Repair Rate1.0
Food.png 50 Wood.png 0 Gold.png 0 Population 1
Armor vs. ranged0.3
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The Villager is a Babylonian Economy unit in Age of Empires Online.

PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().


  • Basic worker unit.
  • A vital component for economy and infrastructure.
  • Can collect all forms of resources, construct buildings, and repair structures.
  • Can garrison inside a Town Center or Guard Tower for safety.
  • Can be utilized as a combatant, if necessary.

Special Abilities[]

  • Gather: Villagers can gather all form of resources, including fishing spots close to shore. Without upgrades, each villager can carry a 10 points maximum of one resource.
  • Build: Villagers can build every building that has been unlocked.
  • Repair: Villagers can repair ships, siege units, and buildings.


The following technologies can be used improved the abilities of the Babylonian Villager during a mission.

Equipment Slots[]