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Villager may refer to any of the following units:

All villagers have the same stats with the exception of the Egyptian Villager which has an 18 second train time. The villager is the core of your army. The more villagers you have gathering the more resources you will have and the more units you will be able to produce. It is recommended to have around 50+ (around 80) villagers before stopping production. To maximize gathering time, idle time, walking distance and bumping should be kept minimal, through proper storehouse and farm placement, wood tricking and deer splitting. In PvP they often serve as raid targets in the early stages of the game as killing villagers can set back a player's economy. Even if villagers are not killed by simply having units preventing the enemy from gathering can be an advantage. The villager AI is not incredibly intelligent. Sometimes villagers will gather from the back of a woodline or be idle without it registering (such as when villagers bump into each other).

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