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The Vanity Gear is a featured introduced in the Summer Update which overrides the aspect of the units gear. There are four types of Vanity Gear: Fantasy, Exotic, Heroic and Alliance. All of the items are themed and each theme has a Weapon, a Shield and a Helm.

Exotic Vanity[]

Icon Vanity Gear EmpirePoints.png EP Patch Added
TikiWeapon.png Tiki Weapon 25 Summer Update
TikiHelm.png Tiki Helm 32 Summer Update
TikiShield.png Tiki Shield 24 Summer Update
TigerWeapon.png Tiger Weapon 31 Summer Update
TigerHelm.png Tiger Helm 28 Summer Update
TigerShield.png Tiger Shield 33 Summer Update
SamuraiWeapon.png Samurai Weapon 26 Summer Update
SamuraiHelm.png Samurai Helm 33 Summer Update
SamuraiShield.png Samurai Shield 30 Summer Update
PrehistoricWeapon.png Prehistoric Weapon 33 Summer Update
PrehistoricHelm.png Prehistoric Helm 33 Summer Update
PrehistoricShield.png Prehistoric Shield 37 Summer Update
DragonSlayerWeapon.png Dragon-Slayer Weapon 29 Anniversary Update
DragonSlayerHelm.png Dragon-Slayer Helm 35 Anniversary Update
DragonSlayerShield.png Dragon-Slayer Shield 32 Anniversary Update
PirateWeapon.png Pirate Weapon 28 Anniversary Update
PirateHelm.png Pirate Helm 26 Anniversary Update
PirateShield.png Pirate Shield 27 Anniversary Update

Fantasy Vanity[]

Icon Vanity Gear EmpirePoints.png EP Patch Added
ElGourdoWeapon.png El Gourdo Weapon 28 Summer Update
ElGourdoHelm.png El Gourdo Helm 32 Summer Update
ElGourdoShield.png El Gourdo Shield 32 Summer Update
FletcherWeapon.png Fletcher Weapon 26 Summer Update
FletcherHelm.png Fletcher Helm 29 Summer Update
FletcherShield.png Fletcher Shield 29 Summer Update
CritterWeapon.png Critter Weapon 42 Summer Update
CritterHelm.png Critter Helm 36 Summer Update
CritterShield.png Critter Shield 32 Summer Update
ConstructionWeapon.png Construction Weapon 28 Summer Update
ConstructionHelm.png Construction Helm 31 Summer Update
ConstructionShield.png Construction Shield 33 Summer Update
WonderWeapon.png Wonder Weapon 31 Summer Update
WonderHelm.png Wonder Helm 34 Summer Update
WonderShield.png Wonder Shield 29 Summer Update
LunchKnightWeapon.png Lunch-Knight Weapon 33 Anniversary Update
LunchKnightHelm.png Lunch-Knight Helm 34 Anniversary Update
LunchKnightShield.png Lunch-Knight Shield 31 Anniversary Update
WizardWeapon.png Wizard Weapon 30 Anniversary Update
WizardHelm.png Wizard Helm 34 Anniversary Update
WizardShield.png Wizard Shield 28 Anniversary Update

Heroic Vanity[]

Icon Vanity Gear EmpirePoints.png EP Patch Added
HeroicGreekWeapon.png Heroic Greek Weapon 25 Summer Update
HeroicGreekHelm.png Heroic Greek Helm 25 Summer Update
HeroicGreekShield.png Heroic Greek Shield 25 Summer Update
HeroicEgyptianWeapon.png Heroic Egyptian Weapon 25 Summer Update
HeroicEgyptianHelm.png Heroic Egyptian Helm 25 Summer Update
HeroicEgyptianShield.png Heroic Egyptian Shield 25 Summer Update
HeroicPersianWeapon.png Heroic Persian Weapon 25 Summer Update
HeroicPersianHelm.png Heroic Persian Helm 25 Summer Update
HeroicPersianShield.png Heroic Persian Shield 25 Summer Update
HeroicCelticWeapon.png Heroic Celtic Weapon 25 Summer Update
HeroicCelticHelm.png Heroic Celtic Helm 25 Summer Update
HeroicCelticShield.png Heroic Celtic Shield 25 Summer Update
HeroicBabylonianWeapon.png Heroic Babylonian Weapon 25 Anniversary Update
HeroicBabylonianHelm.png Heroic Babylonian Helm 25 Anniversary Update
HeroicBabylonianShield.png Heroic Babylonian Shield 25 Anniversary Update

Alliance Vanity[]

Icon Vanity Gear EmpirePoints.png EP Patch Added
DelianLeagueWeapon.png Delian League Weapon 30 Summer Update
DelianLeagueHelm.png Delian League Helm 30 Summer Update
DelianLeagueShield.png Delian League Shield 30 Summer Update
CouncilofImhotepWeapon.png Council of Imhotep Weapon 30 Summer Update
CouncilofImhotepHelm.png Council of Imhotep Helm 30 Summer Update
CouncilofImhotepShield.png Council of Imhotep Shield 30 Summer Update
LegionofCarthageWeapon.png Legion of Carthage Weapon 30 Summer Update
LegionofCarthageHelm.png Legion of Carthage Helm 30 Summer Update
LegionofCarthageShield.png Legion of Carthage Shield 30 Summer Update