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Uncommon Defenses
Uncommon Defenses.png
UseSells Uncommon level 27 Equipment
Costx30 Oak Planks Oak Planks
x20 Garnets Garnets
x10 Wool Cloth Wool Cloth
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The Uncommon Defenses is a Store which can only be built by players in their Capital Cities using a blueprint obtained from a random drop chest.

The store offers level 27 Uncommon Equipment bought with Coins.



Items available (in order of cost):

Item Name Cost Coin.png
Studded Armor 330 Coins
Iron Breastplate 315 Coins
Reinforced Linen Chiton 300 Coins
Cedar Reinforced Walls 300 Coins
Iron Armoring 275 Coins
Cedar Shield 200 Coins
Thick Merchant Log 250 Coins
Weighted Nets 250 Coins
Cedar Staff 275 Coins
Iron Tools 350 Coins

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