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Quest Req.The King of Ithaca
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Troy is one of the cities in Age of Empires Online. Various quests can be taken from Troy's Magistrate and in the Troy Beach Camp.

Description Edit


Troy - World Map

"Agamemnon's forces, with your help, have sieged and taken the city of Troy. From inside Troy's walls Agamemnon plots and shores up his control of the surrounding region."

Beach Camp Edit

After the raid to the beach, the Trojan Beach Camp is made available as a Region. Which then is replaced

Description Edit

"Welcome to the beaches of Troy, where the weather is warm and Agamemnon prepares to take Troy for himself."

Inhabitants Edit

Quests Edit

Level range of quests: 12-18

  1. The King of Ithaca
  2. Secure a Foothold
  3. Hold the Fort!
  4. I Need A Hero
  5. Hector Must Fall
  6. Never Let Them See You Coming
  7. I Have a Cunning Plan
  8. Horsing Around
  9. Returning Home
  10. New Troy Needs Assistance!
  11. Rallying at the Temples
  12. Keeping Control
  13. Challenge: We Need a Force
  14. Challenge: Big is Better!
  15. Challenge: Size Matters!
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