Treasures of the Nile Quest Pack

The Treasures of the Nile is a Quest Pack released by Project Celeste for Age of Empires Online. It is set in Rhakotis, through Marcus Pollox by reaching level 40.

Maps Edit

TreasuresoftheNile Quests
The booster pack contains 8 new legendary quests available for solo and co-op play, these Quests offer brand new maps along with a reward when all 8 are completed:

Valley Kings Edit

Valley Kings
Help drive away the Valley Kings from the lands of Egypt:
  • Nebkanra, the Legendary Camel Rider: General Setredet (from the 2019 Summer Event) cousin. Young and ambitious, he has recently joined the Valley Kings and is desperately looking for a chance to prove himself worthy of his colleagues.
  • Hamut, the Elephant Archer: Hiding in a golden-plated cabin atop his elephant, he lays waste to his opponent from far range. He sees himself as the smartest child in the family and believes conserving his well-being is more important than what others might call "courage".
  • Ahmose, the Priest of Ptah: A distant relative of the High Priest of Loder, all he wants is to convert anyone and everything to his cause. Take great care when facing this guy. Before you know it, he will have all your troops fighting against you!
  • Henku, the Legendary Elephant Rider: Hamut's younger brother. He always makes fun of Hamut for hiding in that armored cabin and believes fighting is only appropriate when done in point blank range and prefers facing his opponents head on. He is much stronger than his brother but cannot defend himself against ranged units as effectively as his brother, so keep that in mind when facing him.


  • New Gear Part 1
  • New Gear Part 2
Along this quest pack comes a set of 8 new Legendary gear:
  • 1 item as a reward for completing the quest pack.
  • 4 items are available exclusively in the City of Rhakotis' General Store for large amounts of coin.
  • 3 items were added to the regular legendary loot table and you can find them wherever you find other Celeste Legendary gear.

Development Edit

The Fertile Crescent booster pack was released on October 5th, 2019

  • Main Developer: Jilguerin
  • Story and Concept: PF2K
  • Map Design: Jilguerin
  • 2D Artwork: PF2K
  • Technical Support: Ryddag
  • Copy Editing: AndyPierce
  • Gear Statistics: Jeinx
  • Playtesting: FinishedBlock21, Jilguerin
  • Marketing: PF2K
  • Translations:
    • French: SystemGlitch
    • Spanish: Servimomia
    • German: Phillus
    • Italian: Zenorhk
  • Final Development: PF2K, Ryddag
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