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Travelers and Traders
Egyptian Tutorial Campaign
Giver(s)King Narmer
CityCapital City
PreviousBronze Age Technology (Egyptian)
ConcurrentHelp The Nubian Trader
NextBadari Beat-Down, Up For A Bit Of Fishing? (Egyptian), Ready To Build Some Farms? (Egyptian)
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Travelers and Traders is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Egyptian Tutorial Campaign.

Quest Objectives[]

Visit the Nubian Expedition and offer to assist the Nubian Trader. He is willing to provide you with blueprints needed for yourCapital City, if you agree to help him.


You will Learn
Dock.png FishingBoatEgyptian.png

You will also Receive

Quest Giver Dialog[]

King Narmer
During my bi-daily audit of the Capital City, I learned that sloth is on the rise. Unacceptable! The people claim that working in such a drab and weary city has affected their production. Obviously, we cannot let this stand.
I contacted a trader in Nubia who is willing to provide our much-needed beautification, but we must provide him our aid first. Travel to Nubia and get the trader's help. I will attempt to increase production here the only way I know how.
King Narmer
I just saw two workers sitting on the steps of the Palace. How dare they relax when we have work to do!
King Narmer
Nubia is nice this time of year, isn't it? Of course, it cannot compare to the beautiful efficiency of your Capital City.