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Greek Ranged Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon.png Bronze Age
Damage11 (10.5)
Damage TypeRanged
Attack Range18
Hit Points120
Sight Range20
Train Time12 s.
Trained/Built fromArchery Range (Greek)
Food.png 0 Wood.png 40 (35) Gold.png 20 Population 1
Bonus vs. infantry2.0
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The Toxotes is a Greek Ranged Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().


  • The basic archer, the Toxotes deals massive amounts of damage from afar, especially when in large numbers.

Equipment Slots[]


The following technologies can be used improved the abilities of the Toxotes during a mission.


Toxotes were Greek archers who carried a Short Bow, for shooting target a far, and a sword and shield, for personal protection.For armor they wore cloth or leather armor to protect their body. The Cretan archers, a variation, used long bows instead of short bows to increase distance but required more training to master.


  • along with Hypaspists can become a very powerful army
  • in the Golden Age many players will still choose to have large balls of Toxotes because of their higher speed and lower cost, while still having comparable damage


  • The Design of the Toxetes in-game is different to the Icon, showing that at one point of devolpment the Toxetes were going to look similar to Hoplites.


Ingame Toxotes