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The Twelve Kingdoms
Cyprus Campaign
Giver(s)Philadelphos of Arsinoe
PreviousVisit Cyprus!
ConcurrentDefeat Salamis
NextTrireme Trim Time, Uprising!, Recapturing Salamis, Recapturing Chytroi, Recapturing Kition, Recapturing Ledrai, Recapturing Idalion, Recapturing Lapithos, Recapturing Kourion, Recapturing Amathus, Recapturing Tamassos, Legendary: Recapturing Soloi, Legendary: Recapturing Paphos, Legendary: Recapturing Marion
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The Twelve Kingdoms is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Cyprus Campaign.

Quest Objectives[]

Defeat the Twelve Kingdoms of Cyprus.


Choose one of
You will also receive

Quest Giver Quotes[]

Philadelphos of Arsinoe
Twelve Kingdoms squabble amongst themselves and throw smaller towns like my own into turmoil.

I ask you to unite these kingdoms under your flag. Under one empire, their fighting will cease, and all people on Cyprus will live peacefully. Consider what Cyprus has to offer you! Gleaming copper, verdant forests, fertile farmland, and a connection to mysterious lands far away!

Rally your armies and ride out. Force the Twelve Kingdoms to kneel!
Philadelphos of Arsinoe
How goes the conquest of the Twelve Kingdoms?
Philadelphos of Arsinoe
The Twelve Kingdoms bow to you. Cyprus and all of its treasures belong to your mighty empire!