Realms of the World Quest Pack

The Realms of the World is a Quest Pack released by Project Celeste for Age of Empires Online. It is set first in the Northern Hold and then in the Well of Urd, through Marcus Pollux by reaching level 30.

Maps Edit

ROTW Quests
Battle the lackeys of the Evil High Priest of Loder in over 15 new Quests. Available for solo and co-op play, these Quests offer brand new maps:

Generals Edit

ROTW Generals
The quest packs comes with unique Generals that are the servants of the Evil High Priest of Loder, as well as its master:
  • Agnar, the Legendary Longbowman: With unmatched aim and precision, he lays waste to his opponents from a very long distance.
  • Mannfall, the War Chief: Harnessing incredible strength, he boosts the health of his soldiers, so killing him is your number one priority when you see him on the field.
  • Heimdal, the Axecleaver: Overwhelming his foes with twin axes, he is a fearsome whirlwind of death who will charge at his opponents. Take great care when taking him down!
  • The High Priest of Loder: The leader of the army. Incredibly hard to kill, he swiftly converts your soldiers to his cause. Kill him quickly, or you risk losing your entire army to this evil servant of Loder.
  • Sessrúmnir, the Legendary Norse ship: With both fire and siege attacks, it poses a huge threat to your navy. Defeating this Legendary ship will not be easy as it is not only heavily armored itself, but it is also surrounded by other ships guarding it.


There are 6 new pieces of Legendary Gear added:
  • 1 awarded at the completion of the Quest Pack main quests.
  • 5 more added to the legendary rotation loot tables.

Development Edit

The Fertile Crescent booster pack was released on May 3rd, 2019

  • Executive Producers: PF2K, HappySmurf
  • Story and Concept: HappySmurf
  • Content Writing: AndyPierce, HappySmurf
  • Map Design: HappySmurf, Jilguerin, PedroAlmeida72
  • RMS (Random Map Scripting): Ryddag, Musictopia
  • 2D Artwork: PF2K, HappySmurf, Chaos, PedroAlmeida72
  • 3D Modeling: HappySmurf, Chaos
  • Technical Support: Kangcliff, Ryddag
  • Gear Statistics: Jeinx
  • Playtesting: Everyone
  • Quest Balancing: HappySmurf, PF2K, Jilguerin
  • Marketing: PF2K
  • Copy Editing: AndyPierce
  • Translations:
    • French: Tinendir
    • Spanish: Servimomia
    • German: Phillus, lukipr0
    • Italian: Zenorhk
    • Brazilian Portuguese: MatrixSoft
  • Final Development: PF2K, Ryddag, Kevsoft
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