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Kenji_03's Strategy[]

(Lvl 25 - has not completed yet. Only lasted 15m and got to age 3)

  • Build a dock up north of start, bring priestest.
  • Train 3 fishing boats, build temple of Ra (starpower for starting +50 wood)
  • Constantly train new villagers up to 25 total
  • Build near stone/gold east of Dock, empower.
  • Harvest stone till 200.
  • Build 1st wall - Wall off from edge of map to town center to water.
  • Change some villagers to gold, keep harvesting stone.
  • Build two barracks north of first dock.
  • Build 2nd layer of wall between 1st and town center.
  • Train lots and lots of axemen.
  • Save up for age 3 while fending off waves. 1st wall will probably fall by age 3 upgrade.
  • Wall off from 1st dock to edge of map (sectioning off that little island).
  • Build two fortresses within that island.
  • Train Warship army to stop boats from landing.

(important call merited quit at this point)