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The Celtic Invasion of Rome Legendary Quest Pack

The Celtic Invasion of Rome Quest Pack is a Quest Pack released by Project Celeste for Age of Empires Online. It is set in the City of Rome, through Marcus Pollux by reaching level 40.


This is the most difficult Quest Pack ever made in Project Celeste, with not one, but two 5-star Legendary Quests. Beating this Quest Pack will not be easy, so make sure to bring a friend!:

NormalQuest.png The Celtic Invasion of Rome
GlobalQuest.png Stolen Roman Gauntlets GlobalRepeatQuest.png Holy Flocking Sheep GlobalRepeatQuest.png We Will Wool the World
RepeatQuest.png The Siege of Clusium RepeatQuest.png The Sea of Holes RepeatQuest.png Get Back! RepeatQuest.png Fabii, You're a Rich Man
RepeatQuest.png Come Together RepeatQuest.png Don't Let Me Down RepeatQuest.png Only a Northern Town RepeatQuest.png Battle of the Allia RepeatQuest.png Invasion of Rome



There are 3 new pieces of Legendary Gear added:


The The Celtic Invasion of Rome Quest Pack was released on March 14th, 2021 with the release of the Roman civilization.