Treasures of the Nile Quest Pack

The Adventures of Brennos and Comontorios is a Quest Pack released by Project Celeste for Age of Empires Online. It is set in Lodi, accesible through Marcus Pollux by reaching level 40.

Maps[edit | edit source]

BrennosandComontorios Quests.png

The booster pack contains 7 main quests available for co-op play only, with elite and legendary variations of those main quests:

As well as 9 side quests between elite and repeatable quests unlocked after acepting the questline and assisting Finnbar:

Champions[edit | edit source]

Help King Brennos and Warlord Comontorios fight the Helvetii and the Oxubii in all-new battlegrounds, who are being led by 4 valiant champions:

  • Divico, is the very first Helvetti commander you will see. Wielding an axe made of pure Gold, he lays waste to his enemies without mercy. Think twice before getting close to him, as his cleave attack will quickly send your Units to their demise.
  • Orgetorix is the local Helvetti king. The icy mountains have hardened him and his people and his two-handed Sword has slain many foes in the past, and now it thirsts for the blood of your army!
  • Donnotaurus is Orgetorix's most trusted Warrior, and his most skilled one, too! Undefeated in 1-on-1 combat, he challenges you to attack him at his base. Attack him only if you are sure you can defeat him, as his unmatched strength will make quick work of your army otherwise.
  • Conran is the champion of the Oxubii tribe. Wielding a huge Warhammer as his weapon of choice, he smashes anyone in his way to pieces with ease. If you attack him, make sure not to touch his hammer. He loves his hammer more than anything else in the world.

Gear[edit | edit source]

BnC Gear.png

Along this quest pack comes a set of 3 new gear:

  • One item, awarded for beating every Legendary Quest at least once. (similar to Setredet's Sacrificial Arrows)
  • One Legendary item added to the Legendary loot pool
  • One Store-exclusive Epic item added to the Region Store, aimed to help players who have just reached level 40 and haven't started their Legendary questing just yet.

Development[edit | edit source]

The Adventures of Brennos and Comontorios quest pack was released on April 20th, 2020

  • Main Developer: Jilguerin
  • Story and Concept: PF2K
  • Map Design: Jilguerin, Recon
  • 2D Artwork: PF2K
  • Technical Support: Ryddag
  • Copy Editing: AndyPierce
  • Gear Statistics: Jenks
  • Playtesting: Jilguerin, FinishedBlock21, Recon
  • Marketing: PF2K
  • Translations:
    • French: SystemGlitch
    • Spanish: Servimomia
    • German: Phillus
    • Italian: ZenorHK
    • Portuguese MatrixSoft
  • 3D Modeling Chaos
  • Youtube Trailer StrikeR
  • Final Development: PF2K, Ryddag
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