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Temple of Ptah
Egyptian Utility
Age availableSilverAgeIcon.png Silver Age
Build time200
Hit points4,500
Sight range20
Food.png 1000 Wood.png 1000 Gold.png 1000 Stone.png 600
Armor vs. ranged0.8
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The Temple of Ptah is an Egyptian Utility Building in Age of Empires Online.


Ingame Temple of Ptah

  • The Temple of Ptah can be built when the Silver Age is reached.
  • The construction of the Temple of Ptah unlocks all acquired Golden Age Technology.
  • Trains the Priest of Ptah.

Equipment Slots[]


  • When building this, be sure to have it in a protected place as replacing the building is extremely costly.
  • If the opponent can deny this building, it will result in a huge disadvantage.
  • Unlike most other civs, you can choose how quickly you wish to build the building (and hence Age up) by changing the amount of villagers assisting in the construction of it.
  • As with all Egyptian Temples, destroying the temple does not lower your opponents Age.