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This template is for Age of Empires Online animal pages.

{{Infobox Animal
 | image         = 
 | type          = 
 | quantity      = 
 | hp            = 
 | damage        = 
 | speed         = 
 | los           = 

Field Explanation

Explanation of fields that appear in the infobox.

  • Image: An image of the animal.
  • Type: Passive, Hostile, Retaliatory, and Herdable.
  • Quantity: The amount of Food that is yielded from the animal's corpse.
  • HP: Base Hit Points.
  • Damage: The amount of damage that the Animal does; only applies to Hostile and Retaliatory animals.
  • Speed: Speed of the animal.
  • LOS: The animal's line of sight; this only applies to Herdable animals.
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