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Take the Beach!
Greek Main Campaign
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Take the Beach! is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which belongs to the Greek Main Campaign.

Quest Objectives[]

Secure Troy's beach by destroying the Fortress.

  • Fortress Destroyed: 0/2
  • Town Centers Destroyed 0/3


Choose One Of
  • Tempered Sword of Achilles
  • Tempered Helm of Achilles
You Will Also Receive
  • Special Ability: Hidden Spy x5

Strategy & Tips[]

There are three ways to approach this map -- Head-on, sneakily, and Unorthodox.


Spend all your cash massing troops and take the enemy head-on. It is more difficult than the other methods, but much less time consuming.


The Sneaky approach requires you to find the back-door at the far East side of the map along the cliffs. You can send your entire force up here and destroy the few troops, guard tower, and farms/houses. Avoid the back-door of one of the town centers and you can easily slip behind the base -- where you can find a path to each fortress without any walls in your way.


Yet another path is available for you to take along the West edge of the map (coastal). Your starting force of infantry can take all of the troops, boats, and guard towers easily. Clear the path for your priests to sneak up to find 3 villagers that are gathering stone undefended. From there, you can buy age 4, armory upgrades, and play this like a normal map with a huge starting advantage. Walk the Villagers back along the wall and you have yourself a Conquest game.

Quest Giver Quotes[]

King Agamemnon
The invasion is set. Thanks to your efforts, our armies are loaded and the fleet is ready to sail.
Once we reach the shores of Troy, your soldiers are to secure the beaches defended by a powerful Fortress. Clear the outer defenses of Troy by destroying this Fortress.
King Agamemnon
Storm the beach and destroy the Trojan Fortress to weaken their first line of defense.
King Agamemnon
Good work! Now that we have some breathing room, we'll secure our foothold.

Guarded Loot[]

There are two Guarded chests on this map, slightly to the North-East and slightly to the east of the objective Fortress.