Survivalist Agathon
Villagers cost less & have more health.
Age ActiveCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
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Survivalist Agathon is an Advisor active in Copper Age and is one of the few Advisors available as a quest reward.

  • Requires Level: 5

Tips Edit

Survivalist Agathon is a useful advisor that can help make villager cheaper and gives them more health. The cheaper the villager, the more villagers you can produce. Also, the health bonus allows them to take in more damage for those villager rushes.

Common Edit

  • Villagers cost 8% less.
  • Villagers have 20% more health.
  • Sell Price: 75Coin

Uncommon Edit

  • Villagers cost 12% less.
  • Villagers have 30% more health.
  • Sell Price: ???Coin

Rare Edit

  • Villagers cost 16% less.
  • Villagers have 40% more health.
  • Sell price: 125Coin

Epic Edit

  • Villagers cost 20% less.
  • Villagers have 50% more health.
  • Sell Price: ???Coin

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