The main strategies listed in the Empire Handbook are:

  • Booming: In this strategy the player supports their economy with many workers.
  • Rushing: In this strategy the player makes small armies and atacks the enemy at different times, or just trys to attack early on.
  • Turtling : This strategy involves fortifying small areas with towers and walls, enclosing troops and many gatherers. Upon reaching age 3, you can construct forts too. The safest way to win is to build a wonder in the middle of the defenses.

Other strategies not listed in the empire handbook:

  • Tanking: In this strategy the player stays on the defensive until they have built a huge army, and then they attack.
  • Raiding: This strategy requires you to build additional troops to attack the enemy's army to prevent them from ever building it up while you build your own army. 
  • Swarming: Attacking with a lot of weak units rather than a few powerful units. 

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