Storehouse (Persian)
Persian Economy Building
Age availableCopperAgeIcon Copper Age
Build time30 (20)
Hit points500
Sight range26
Food 0 Wood 50 Gold 0 Stone 0
Armor vs. ranged0.80
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The Storehouse is a Persian Economic Building in Age of Empires Online.

Gameplay Edit

  • The Storehouse functions as a resource drop site (like the Town Center and Dock).
  • Used by Villagers to drop resources.
  • It is also the place where resource Gathering technologies are researched


  • Can be given the Ability to heal nearby units if Aid Tent is researched.
  • forward building storehouses can provide healing spots as well as some map vision
  • If Prince Niall Muighmedon is your Copper Age advisor, Storehouses can cost as much as 50% less, giving you the ability to mass Aid Tents.


Equipment Slots Edit

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