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Stores can be found throughout Age of Empires Online, in NPC regions and players' Capital Cities.

In the game, there are two types of shops you can find. These are categorized by the currency you would use to buy the products, which is: Coins or City Points. The category then breaks down further in to "specialized" stores, which focuses on one type of item, such as Blueprints, Recipes, Materials or Gear. You can also find a General Store, which has a bit of everything in one place.

Blueprints for constructable shops (the one's that are built in a player's city) are aquired: as rewards from tutorial campaigns, bought from other stores or obtained as random drop from chests. There are also a few extra stores called the "Vanity Premium Store" a.k.a. "Empire Extra", which can only be bought with real currency. These include decoration stores and Windy's Wild Widgets.

A player, apart from spending coin on materials or equipment etc. from his capital stores, can also gain income from them as well. Selling non-usable or vendor trash to the store is one way. The other way - other players. Any purchases made in any store from your capital city, will return to you as 5% of the original cost. Any consignments that go below 1 coin, is still going to give you 1 coin regardless. All purchases received can be viewed in the Treasury. The records stay for around a week.

(Note: all information regarding consignments is based only on in-game testing; it is not confirmed by any official sources.)

Player City Stores[]

Basic stores

Decoration stores

Gear stores

Recipe stores

  • Recipe store

Obsolete recipe stores

Pro civilization stores

Special stores

Computer City Stores[]

  • Obsolete Stores
    • Spear 1 Imports
    • Blood, Bath, and beyond
    • Bards & Nobles