Level Required6
ShopsSpartan General Store
Spartan Fortification Store
Spartan Weapon Store
Spartan Armor Store
Joe's Jeopardorium
Quest Req.Sparta!
CivilizationsCeltic, Egyptian Greek and Persian.
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Sparta is the PVP region of Age of Empires Online. In this region the player can access the Spartan Arena for ranked Player Vs Player, and the War Commander to do repeatable PvP quests. There are also the timed Age-up challenge repeatable quests. In the Project Celeste version of the game, you can also access the Gear Reforger here, to re-roll legendary gear and potentially make it stronger. There is now 3 sets of exclusive vanity gear sold in this region for Sparta Points, as well as gear racks with all of these items on display.

Description Edit

"Welcome to Sparta, where we separate the weak from the strong. March upon your enemy and deliver victory. Prepare for glory!"
  • Currently the only zone that can earn the player and has a use for Sparta Points
  • You can now use Empire Points to re-roll the stats on a given Legendary item that has statistics with a varied value.
  • New Vanity gear has been released, and more is to come.
  • 3 PvE Repeatables, and 3 PvP repeatables, as well as the Sparta PvP per-game rewards.

PvP MultiplayerEdit

See main article here

Inhabitants Edit

Quests Edit

  1. Sparta!
  2. Battle Between Friends
  3. 1v1 Unranked Match
  4. 2v2 Unranked Team Match
  5. 1v1 Ranked Match
  6. 2v2 Ranked Team Match
  7. Challenge: The Bronze Age
  8. Challenge: The Silver Age
  9. Challenge: The Golden Age
  10. Spartan Daily Training
  11. Spartan Daily Training Marathon
  12. Spartan Weekly Training Marathon

New Buildings Edit

Spartan reforge building
Spartan special store building
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