Infantry Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Damage15.4 -to- 24
Hit Points695 -to- 1088
Sight Range20
Train Time4.45 s.
Food 35 Wood 0 Gold 45 Population 1
Armor vs. ranged0.5
Armor vs. siege0.5
Bonus vs. buildings1.5
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The Somatophylax is a Unique Infantry unit exclusive in Age of Empires Online. It requires use of an Advisor to access for the Greek Civilization.

Overview Edit

  • Trained at the Fortress.
  • Heavily armored warrior.
  • Effective against buildings.
  • Available after the Silver Age.

Use Edit

Due to their high ranged armor and high health, these units are as effective as the Egyptian War Elephants if you consider that the player can field 4 Somatophylax for every 1 War Elephant.

Advisor Edit


Somatophylax Commander Matius is required to train this unit. The Uncommon version of the advisor can be purchased for 300 coins at the Mycenae General Store.

History Edit

Somatophylakes (Greek: Σωματοφύλακες; singular: Somatophylax, σωματοφύλαξ) literally translates to "bodyguards" in English. They consisted of seven men, drawn from the Macedonian nobility. They generally served as high-ranking military officers, holding positions such as chiliarch or general. The most famous Somatophylakes served under Philip of Macedon and Alexander the Great.

Stats by quality Edit

Quality Stats
  • Max Health: 695
  • Melee-Infantry DPS: 15.4
Somatophylax Veteran
  • Max Health: 787
  • Melee-Infantry DPS: 17.5
Somatophylax Master
  • Max Health: 885
  • Melee-Infantry DPS: 19.7
Somatophylax Champion
  • Max Health: 1088
  • Melee-InfantryDPS: 24
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