Skirmish Hall is a Booster Pack for Age of Empires Online. It can be purchased at the Empire Bazaar for 450 Empire Points. To find the quest line, see here.

Gameplay Edit

The Skirmish Hall is a customizable skirmish mode. It allows the player to adjust the game conditions, ranging from starting resources to the victory conditions.

The objective of the Skirmish Hall is to defeat the opposing AI opponent(s).

Skirmish Hall

Features Edit

  • 21 different battlegrounds.
  • All units are automatically unlocked and battle-ready
  • Supports 4-player co-op against up to 4 computer-controlled enemies.
  • 9 unique computer opponents.
  • Configurable maps, teams, victory conditions, and resources.
  • Customizable AI ally and opponent civilizations, difficulty, and strategy.
  • New advisors, vanity trophies, and custom gear.

AI OpponentsEdit

The different playstyles of AI (agressive, defensive, types of prefered units...) are represented by 9 opponents, who also are unlockable Advisors that you obtain once you beat them in a Skirmish 1v1 battle (standard or higher difficulty).

There is also a Random tactics general in which the AI will randomly follow one of the aboves play style.


  • Each time you complete a match you earn XP, Coin and 2 chests. If a player is level 40 they will also receive 5 Alliance Points. One of the chests uses a custom Skirmish Hall loot table, the other chest uses the existing loot table. Because of this, one chest is different compared to the others.
  • Additionally, there are global quests which award additional chests (that use the Skirmish Hall loot table), Coin, XP and Advisors. To unlock these quests, be sure to complete the quest, “You Never Forget Your First Ten” - and then accept the following quests:
    • "Taking Out the Trash" - Defeat any 10 Skirmish Hall opponents and earn a scaled bonus of XP and Coin + 4 Chests. At level 40 also awards 20 Alliance Points .
    • "Cleaning House" - Defeat 10 fierce or stronger opponents and earn a scaled bonus of XP and Coin + 5 Chests. At level 40 also awards 30 Alliance Points
    • "Kicking Them to the Curb" - Defeat 10 unstoppable opponents and earn a scaled bonus of XP and Coin + 6 Chests. At level 40 also awards 50 Alliance Points
    • "Hidden Skirmish Quests" - There are a number of hidden quests that are only awarded as their tasks are completed at the end of each skirmish. These award XP, a trophy for your city, and sometimes gold.
  • There are over 20 unique pieces of level 40 skirmish gear in the loot tables. The chance to earn these is the same as the chance to earn any other level 40 piece of gear in the skirmish hall.

Seasonal rewards Edit

The Project Celeste servers have seasons and rewards based on performance each season.

Crete Season8 Reward

Rewards for simply placing in the 8th season.

Description Edit

"The fully configurable Skirmish Booster Pack allows you to choose every element of PvE gameplay, from resources, teams, and victory conditions to opponent civilizations, difficulty, and strategy.

All units are automatically unlocked and battle-ready.
It supports 2-player co-op against up to 4 computer-controlled enemies.
You can also do battle on more than 20 different maps.

There are a large number of options and settings that can be configured in the Skirmish Booster. For all of the settings other than victory condition, players can also choose a random option that makes the battles even more chaotic and exciting.

The Skirmish Booster allows access to all of your civilization's units even if you haven't unlocked them in the tech tree through the campaign. You also have access to all of the ages, even if you haven't reached the appropriate city level and unlocked them via the tech tree. You do not, however, get access to all technologies; these still need to be unlocked by spending points you receive for leveling. Experience earned from the Skirmish Booster can be used to level, fully unlocking units and technologies, and improve the rewards.

Speaking of rewards, the greater the challenge, the bigger they get. In addition to being rewarded at the end of each successful match, there will be several global quests that allow you to earn unique advisors, vanity trophies, and additional experience, coin, and chests."

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