Scout Special - a type of Equipment usable by exclusively by Scouts. Scout Special typically enhance the wearer's line-of-sight, damage and movement speed but can also modify a myriad of other statistics.

A list of all Scout Special items in the game may be found here:

Source Edit

Found mostly from random drop chests.

List of Scout Special Edit

Items available (in order of quality):

Image Name Level Stats
Helmet uncommon1 Novice's Ranger Helm 3, 13 Health: +11.9%
Tower rare1 Quick Build Watch Post 10, 20 Watch Post Construction Speed: +177.0%
Bandages rare1 Mummy Bandages 12 - 27 Enable: SelfHeal
Heal: +6.1
Noosepole rare1 Mounted Noose Pole 12 - 27 Damage: +177.4%
Spyglass telescope rare1 Looking Glass 7 - 27 Line-of-sight: +49.8%
Horseshoe rare1 Ahdeeda's Horse Shoes 12 - 27 Movement Speed: +19.3%
Spyglass telescope legendary1 Lens of Menes 40 Line-of-sight: +74.8%
ScoutSpecial Leg1 Scout's Protector 40 Health: +47.8%

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