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Here they lie here dedicated to them because of lack of development funds causing them to not appear. Here are their unfinished units, technologies, buildings, and milestones.

Description Edit

A Civilization that had the government of the Republic waging war among others to expand their great Republic toward the barbaric and tyranny of others. The determination here has allowed its people to establish a mighty rule over regions of Europe divided by provinces. Demanding each provinces to send supplies and unique troops to the Roman army. The Roman army strengthened and seeks to expand their Republic ideals further more through conquest. Assume command of the greatest and mightiest combined forces of the great Republic.

What do we know about them? Edit

  • They were supposedly the fifth civilization to be released, only to be postponed for the Babylonian and the Norse.
  • Their soldiers come from different culture allowing great varieties among choosing your armies.
  • Romans may have to probably advance through the ages through a building called aqueducts which expands the Republic further more.
  • They were intended to be released a Free Civilization.
  • The tutorial quests begin with a Praetorian Guard asking the player to do him a favor for the Emperor of Rome.

Quest Givers Edit

What about them? We know then there is only one quest giver and he is the Praetorian Guard.
PraetorianGuardBeginQuest Begin PraetorianGuardInProgress In Progress PraetorianGuardCompleted Completed

Units Edit

These are units left unfinished. Although there are no priests. Primus and Clinicus are likely to be one.

Copper Age Units Edit

VillagerRoman Villager

  • Villagers in toga, only able to gather resources.

Engineer Engineer

  • Villagers who are designed to build and repair structures faster than other villagers.

FishingBoatRoman Fishing Boat

  • Fishing boats who gathered fishes to feed the great Roman armies.

ScoutRoman Scout

  • Scouts who scout for the greater Republic.

Veles Vele

  • Poor soldiers who were only armed with a wooden shield, javelins, and a short sword. Capable of dealing ranged and melee damage.

RomanSpearman Spearman

  • Soldiers armed with spears designed to kill cavalries.

Primus Primus

  • The overseer of the Republic. Probably were to be able to empower buildings to function better while armed to defend when needed.

Bronze Age Units Edit

CaravanRoman Caravan

  • A bull carrying essential goods to trade for gold motivated by a red ring

Enneris Enneris

  • Merchant transports who delivers gold to the docks and troops to the land.

RomanTrireme Trireme

  • Ship designed for combat.

BalearicSlinger Balearic Slinger

  • Slingers from the Balearic Islands who were trained from childhood has been trained heavily to adulthood to become one of the best slingers in Europe.

NumidianHorseman Numidian Horseman

  • Horseman from the Numidia region who were designed greatly for harassing enemies.

Decurion Decurion

  • Officer designed to lead cavalries and increase their overall effectiveness.

Legionary Legionary

  • The backbone of every Roman army.

Silver Age Units Edit

Liburnian Liburnian

  • Ships designed to counter other ships. Likely to be armed with a fire pot or a ram.

Clinicus Clinicus

  • A doctor who specializes greatly in healing but cannot convert/can convert but with little success.

CretanBowman Cretan Bowman

  • Bowman from the Island of Crete who were specialized with their unique composite bow that could kill a man at a distance.

Eques Eques

  • Roman knights who followed and upholded the codes of the Republic. (Silver Age)

Decanus Decanus

  • Officer designed to lead small forces and inspire his men in a small range.

BatteringRamRoman Battering Ram

  • A ram that tore down buildings with a single impact.

Golden Age Units Edit

Quinguireme Quinquereme

  • The Roman Flagship. Designed to destroy every ship possible and coastal buildings.

GallicHorseman Gallic Horseman

  • The Elite Cavalry of the Republic. Ready to kill at best.

Centurion Centurion

  • Generals designed to lead an army and inspire his men greatly in a huge range.

Onager Onager

  • A smaller version of the catapult. Easier and quicker production allows it to be resupplied into the battlefield much easier.

Scorpio Scorpio

  • A smaller version of the ballista and larger version of a crossbow. Acting as a sniper weapon with great range and accuracy. This weapon is designed to kill long-range targets.

RomanPalintonon Palintonon

  • A Roman version of a Palintonon.

Buildings Edit

Aqueducts Aqueduct

  • One of the Roman unique buildings. Probably used to tech up in the ages. As each aqueduct allowed faster growth and culture.

Technologies Edit

ArchConstruction Arch

  • One of the Roman architectural advances that allowed the buildings of Rome to be built faster. This included Aqueducts allowing their growth to be hastened.

MarianReformation Marion Reformation

  • This reformation allowed troops to be trained faster, be supplied with better weapons, armor and health. However, this came at a cost. For these benefits to happen, the Republic had to put out more money to pay for the extra benefits. Making each troops cost more for the price of enhanced soldiers.

Milestones Edit

  • Yes, data may be incorrect and these milestones may differ in levels.
Level 5 Milestones
Conscription Conscription Decrease non-siege military unit training time.
CorbelledArches Corbelled Arches Increase building's health and/or decrease building time.
Level 10 Milestones
Drydock Drydock Increases ship's health or allow self-repair on ships.
FleetFooted Fleet Footed Increase infantry's movement speed or allow self-regeneration.
Level 20 Milestones
GameHunting Game Hunting Increase gathering rate from huntables or bonus damage against huntables.
Reconnaisance Reconnaisance Increase a certain unit type's line of sight.
Level 30 Milestones
Siegecraft Siegecraft Increases siege's damage or increase siege's range.
Spotters Spotters Increases Building's line of sight or siege's line of sight.
Level 40 Milestones
SupplyLines Supply Lines Grants a resource trickle or resource bonus.
Equestrianism Equestrianism Increase cavalry's health or increase cavalry's speed.

Revival Edit

The Project Celeste group is working on bring them back into the game. The civilization is expected to be done some time in 2019.

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