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Roman Campaign infografic from Project Celeste

The Roman Campaign is the main group of quests exclusive for the Roman civilization in Age of Empires Online, developed by Project Celeste. The campaign is asynchronistic as it deals with the early years of the Roman Republic, while at the same time the quest givers are from the end of that era (~400-300 years later).

Capital City Quests[]

These quests are linked to the Roman Capital City. Julius Caesar is the principal quest giver and in this part of the campaign are included all the tutorial and training quests. The main campaign follows the establishment of the Roman Republic after the overthrow and exile of Tarquinius until the Roman–Volscian wars.

NormalQuest.png The Eternal Empire
NormalQuest.png Feeding the Citizens
NormalQuest.png Getting Back on Our Feet
GlobalQuest.png In the Rear with the Gear
NormalQuest.png Bashing Barbarians in Style
NormalQuest.png Bronze Age Technology (Roman)
NormalQuest.png Up For A Bit Of Fishing? (Roman) NormalQuest.png Ready To Build Some Farms? (Roman) NormalQuest.png Heading Out TravelQuest.png Help the Capuan Trader
NormalQuest.png Trust me, I'm an Engineer GlobalQuest.png The Empire Bazaar
GlobalQuest.png Crafter's Calling (Roman) NormalQuest.png Battle of Silva Arsia TravelQuest.png Battle Between Friends (Roman)
RepeatQuest.png Craftsmen Rescue (Roman) RepeatQuest.png Craft Shipment Recovery (Roman) NormalQuest.png Sworn Enemies GlobalQuest.png Wanted: Etruscans
NormalQuest.png A Well Played Trade
NormalQuest.png Trading Places
NormalQuest.png This is War
NormalQuest.png Horatius at the Bridge
NormalQuest.png The Siege of Rome
NormalQuest.png Battle of Lake Regillus
NormalQuest.png A Friend in Need
NormalQuest.png A Show of Force
NormalQuest.png Pest Control
NormalQuest.png From Sea to Siege
TravelQuest.png Visit Pompey

Capua Quests[]

Pompey acts as the main quest giver and in the city of Capua, north of the Capital City. The global repeatable quests are included in this part of the campaign. It continues the conflict with the Volsci and end until the Second Latin War.

TravelQuest.png Visit Pompey
GlobalRepeatQuest.png Wanted: Sons of the Wolf GlobalRepeatQuest.png Wanted: Thieves (Roman)
GlobalRepeatQuest.png Purging the Pagans GlobalRepeatQuest.png Spare Parts
NormalQuest.png On Your High Horse RepeatQuest.png Trade for Roman Marble
NormalQuest.png The Fools on the Hill
NormalQuest.png Battle of Mons Algidus The Wretched Wolf The Wretched Wolf
NormalQuest.png Farming Out the Labor The Pagan Rituals The Pagan Rituals
Fast, High, Strong Fast, High, Strong NormalQuest.png Villagers on Patrol
NormalQuest.png Under New Management The Threefold Death The Threefold Death
Faster, Higher, Stronger Faster, Higher, Stronger NormalQuest.png City Under Siege
RepeatQuest.png Whispers in the Dark NormalQuest.png Not Safe for Work
Even Faster, Higher, Stronger Even Faster, Higher, Stronger NormalQuest.png Return Engagement
Fastest, Highest, Strongest Fastest, Highest, Strongest
NormalQuest.png Subdue the Samnites RepeatQuest.png Helter Skelter
Magnum Fastest, Highest, Strongest Magnum Fastest, Highest, Strongest NormalQuest.png All Together Now
Summa Fastest, Highest, Strongest Summa Fastest, Highest, Strongest NormalQuest.png Deliver the Supplies
RepeatQuest.png Family Heirloom
Maximus Fastest, Highest, Strongest Maximus Fastest, Highest, Strongest TravelQuest.png Visit Mark Antony

Army Camp Quests[]

This is the last part of the Roman campaign, it resumes the conflict with the Etruscans until the Battle of Veii and Mark Antony acts as the quest giver during this last part of the Roman Campaign which also includes the launch of Argos Campaign with its own version vs. the Sea People

TravelQuest.png Visit Mark Antony
AMT: Spearmen AMT: Spearmen AMT: Cavalry AMT: Cavalry
AMT: Slingers AMT: Slingers AMT: Ships AMT: Ships
GlobalRepeatQuest.png Give Me Back My Legions! NormalQuest.png Death From Above The Long Night The Long Night
NormalQuest.png We Can Work It Out The Longer Night The Longer Night
NormalQuest.png In Spite of All the Danger The Longest Night The Longest Night
NormalQuest.png Here, There and Everywhere Eternal Darkness Eternal Darkness
NormalQuest.png The Calm Before the Storm
NormalQuest.png Etruscan Raiders
NormalQuest.png The Siege of Veii
NormalQuest.png The Capture of Veii
NormalQuest.png All Roads Lead to Rome
NormalQuest.png Defend Capua!


The Roman Campaign was announced through the Weekly Blog #31: The Future of the Romans forum post on March 21st, 2020.

In light of recent events, we have decided to make the Romans even greater and are very excited to announce that the Romans will no longer be a pro civ. This means that they will start at level 1 and will give players the full Age of Empires Online experience.
They will have their own unique Regions, Quest Givers, main Questline, Side Quests, and more! We haven't missed the smaller details either, such as giving them their own equivalent of Delphi/Giza Limestone or Celtic Charcoal: The Roman Marble Roman Marble