The Romans will be the seventh civilization in Age of Empires Online. It is the first civilization developed by Project Celeste.

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While the Project Celeste team stated that they wanted to try to keep close to the design docs of the original team, in some instances that wasn't possible due to how many concepts and potential Romans assets were used for other Civs like the Norse and Babylon's (ex. the original Roman walls became the Carthage Alliance walls).

Unique Features Edit

  • Powerful siege-based civilization.
  • Features limited quantity powerful units (ie. Officer units).

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Legionary Centurion PrimusPilus Aquilifer Scorpio Onager
Legionary Centurion Primus
Aquilifer Scorpio Onager

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Castellum Millarium AuxiliaCamp Praetorium Forum
Castellum Millarium Auxilia
Praetorium Forum

Technology Edit

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SPQR Aqueducts Bolster ArchConstruction HerbalMedicine MarianReformation
S.P.Q.R. Aqueducts Bolster Arch

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Civilization Edit

Rome: The glorious Roman Empire marches triumphantly! At its height, Rome holds almost all of the known world under its yoke. Take command of Rome’s Elite officers and lead your Legionaries to victory with the support of auxiliary troops conscripted from Rome’s foreign provinces. Employ Engineers to construct your empire and bolster your siege weapons. Expand Rome’s influence through technological upgrades at the Forum. Wage Bellum Romanum and conquer the world. Roma Invicta!

Development Edit


May 22, 2019, the Project Celeste team announced their plans[1] to develop and implement the Roman civilization that was under early development before Age of Empires Online shut down. With sourced concept art from the original plans the team was able to piece together the Roman civ in terms of tech tree, buildings and units. The game files already contained a basic set of Roman vanity buildings that gave the team the direction of the style, patterns and colors as the civ was original intended. Unit details on the other hand were limited to only concept art. The team currently works on this task every week and provides the fans of AOEO with weekly updates of the new assets being created. The Romans as a civilization will play differently than other civs so in the game, as their units will not be organized by the standard Infantry/Ranged/Cavalry/, but instead by the class system the historical Romans used.

Further more, the Castellum can be upgraded to a Praesidium, which marks the first time training facilities can be garrisoned. The units garrisoned habilitate the attack action.

As per the focus of this civilization, the Romans will have their greatest strength in Siege, with having "more Siege Units than any other Civ in the game" [2] and "Roman Siege will be a huge part of their play style and the strongest in the game." It has also been stated across numerous blog posts that the Romans will be a late-game civ. This is both from the original design notes the team has from Gas Powered Games and from what the team at Project Celeste has stated in their weekly posts.

An example of this is that the Romans will be the only civilization to get two Siege units in Age 3![3]

The Romans will also feature a technology only unique building called the Forum, much like the Greeks and Celts.[4]

At this time, it seems like the Romans will get a total of two war ships, similar to the Babylonian and Norse civs.[5]

Original Development Edit

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To see the legacy information regarding the Roman civilization before the Project Celeste revival, which encompass development by Gas Powered Games and Robot Entertainment

Timeline of Blog posts Edit

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References Edit

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