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Respectable Rare Ramparts
UseSells Rare levels 30-34 Equipment
Costx30 Ebony Planks Ebony Planks
x20 Gemstones Gemstones
x10 Cotton Cloth Cotton Cloth
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The Respectable Rare Ramparts is a Store which can only be built by players in their Capital Cities using a blueprint obtained from a random drop chest.

The store offers levels 30-34 Rare Equipment bought with Coins.



Items available (in order of cost):

Item Name Cost
Trawl Nets 750 Coins
Helios' Mule Barding 750 Coins
Onyx-Bound Hoplon 800 Coins
Evening Star Scepter 900 Coins
Sturdy Azure Staff 900 Coins
Rhino-Hide Covers 1000 Coins
Athenian Light Cuirass 1000 Coins
Horse Guard Flank Plates 1050 Coins
Ancient Cretan Robes 1100 Coins
Dull Iron Stone Picker 3000 Coins

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