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Reputable Rare Rewards
Reputable Rare Rewards.png
UseSells Rare levels 30-32 Equipment
Cost30 Iron Ingots Iron Ingots
20 Precision Tools Precision Tools
10 Vellum Scripts Vellum Scripts
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The Reputable Rare Rewards is a Store which can only be built by players in their Capital Cities using a blueprint obtained from a random drop chest.

The store offers levels 30-32 Rare Equipment bought with Coins.



Items available:

Item Name Cost
Oil-Filled Glass Bottle 750 Coins
Cruelly Barbed Arrows 800 Coins
Heavy Piercing Javelin 900 Coins
Runic Bow of the Serpent 950 Coins
Heavy Cedar Throwing Arm 1000 Coins
Heavy Iron Ram Head 1000 Coins
Gleaming Long Spear 1050 Coins
Rune-Bound War Axe 1050 Coins
Corinthian Slicing Xiphox 1100 Coins
Rusty Lumberjack's Axe 1100 Coins

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