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The Quest System is a primary feature in Age of Empires Online. Quests are given by NPCs in cities and rewarded by the same NPC who gave it to you. The rewards vary based on the Quest level, difficulty, and type.


The first quest available to receive is from the Village Elder who is standing in front of the Capital City's Palace building. As with all quest givers, he has an exclamation point above his head, making him easy to find.

  • Click the quest giver and read the quest details, which include quest objectives and rewards.
  • To accept the quest, click "Accept". To exit a quest without accepting it, click "Close".

Once you've accepted the quest, the exclamation point over the quest giver's head turns to a Gray question mark.

When you have completed a quest, return to the original quest giver and click on them. You will see a question mark in yellow or blue over their head depending on whether the quest is repeatable or not.

A yellow exclamation point above a quest giver’s head indicates that they offer a non-repeatable quest – the player can complete this quest only once. A blue exclamation point above a quest giver’s head indicates that they offer a repeatable quest – the player can complete this quest as many times as they wish, but may be limited to some restrictions.

Repeatable Quests[]

Some quests in Age of Empires Online are repeatable. If you’re having difficulty completing a particular storyline quest, you may want to play repeatable quests to level up your Capital City to gain access to better technologies before attempting the more difficult ones.

Some quests in Age of Empires Online are not repeatable.

Quest colors are determined by the difficulty of the quest relative to your level. You can also use the color of the quest to determine the type of loot you will get. The more difficult the quest, the higher the potential treasure rewards will be:

  • Gray: Very Easy
  • White:Easy
  • Green: Normal
  • Yellow: Difficult
  • Orange: Very Difficult
  • Red: Extremely Difficult

A Quest can be repeated any number of times, but there are some Quests that after being completed aren't available until some time later:

  • Weekly is defined as: 150 Hours
  • Daily is defined as: 12 Hours
  • No-Restrictions: Unlimited

Elite Mode[]

Elite mode increases the difficulty of the quest and also provides better rewards. You can toggle Elite mode on repeatable quests by clicking the skull checkbox next to the abandon button. Both are found when selecting a quest from your map.

It appears the Elite bonus to XP is 33%, a bonus you'll receive on the regular XP when you complete the quest at the quest-giver.


List of Campaigns[]








Project Celeste Exclusives[]


Co-op Multiplayer[]


Your empire is gaining notoriety and strength but not enough to tackle your greatest challenges. Alliance is the key. Call upon your closest allies and unite against your foes. You can finish many quests faster with your LIVE friends and reap the benefits of your alliances. For some of the toughest quests, you may find that you can only finish with friends. Once your combined forces lay the enemies to rest, all that’s left is to gather the spoils.[1]

You can co-op with Greek cities of any level. Co-op games can be selected through the quest map.

How To Co-Op[]

In chat type /invite gamertag where gamertag is the person you want to play with. Once they accept your invitation you will form a party. Navigate to your map and select a co-op quest. When a quest is available for co-op there will be a check mark in the ‘Co-Op’ box.

Sparta PvP Multiplayer[]

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