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Priestess of Ra
Egyptian Support Unit
Age AvailableBronzeAgeIcon.png Bronze Age
Healing Rate10
Healing Range15
Hit Points180
Sight Range15
Train Time30
Food.png 0 Wood.png 0 Gold.png 100 Population 1
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The Priestess of Ra is an Egyptian Support Unit in Age of Empires Online


  • Able to heal friendly units, the Priestess of Ra also empowers buildings to give economic and training speed boosts.

Special Abilities[]


Priestess can heal friendly units in and out of combat.



Priest-specific upgrades are found in the respective Temples needed to age up.

In-game priestess empowering a town center


  • One spawns at the start of each game for the Egyptians.
  • Can be trained at the Temple of Ra at the Bronze Age.
  • One of the only units that heal allies during combat (the other being the Druid).
  • Can be garrisoned in the Town Center, towers and fortresses.
    • Behaves like villagers when the Town center alarm bell is rung and when the return to work order is given, meaning they will return to empower any building they were empowering before.
  • Empowered buildings will build, research and train 10% faster. Additionally, empowered dropoff buildings (Town Center/Storehouse/Dock) will cause 10% more resources to be generated (a villager returning with 10 units of food will actually put 11 units of food in to your supplies). Each attribute can be further enhanced by equipped scepters, with most items in the category affecting the Empower Dropoff aspect.
    •  Effectively, Empower Dropoff can be seen as having a Conservation attribute equal to the % of extra resources gained.
    • The Egyptian-exclusive Advisor Amunet the Wise provides an extra boost to all Empowered effects.
  • Empower does not affect gold gained from trading by Merchant Transports or Caravans.
  • It's important to have your Priestess of Ra in a separate control group during a battle, since they will not heal nearby allied units if given an Attack Move order.
  • Always have a Priestess of Ra on your Town Centres - Egyptian villagers have a base train time of 18 seconds compared to the 15 of other civilisations.
  • The Priestess of Ra is considered a military unit. Easy Drag Military will still select the Priestess as well as move/select all military units.