Priest of Set
Egyptian Support Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon Silver Age
Healing Rate20 (40)
Healing Range15
Chaos Rate10 (13)
Chaos Range32 (28)
Hit Points120
Sight Range34
Food 0 Wood 0 Gold 100 (80) Population 1
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The Priest of Set is an Egyptian Support Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().



Priest can inflict chaos on enemy units, causing them to be hostile to all other units.

Equipment Edit


The following technologies can be used improved the abilities of the Egyptian Priest of Set during a mission.


  • Chaos works like convert, except the targeted enemy unit will go berserk and attack anything nearby, instead of being placed under your control.
  • The Priestess of Ra tends to be a better battlefield healer than the Priest of Set or Priest of Ptah, since the latter two will focus on trying to inflict chaos/convert enemy units in range, while the Priestess of Ra will only try to heal.

    Priest of Set in Rare gear

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