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Priest (Babylonian)
Babylonian Support Unit
Age AvailableSilverAgeIcon.png Silver Age
Healing Rate25
Healing Range16
Conversion Rate10(15)
Conversion Range32(22)
Hit Points140
Sight Range34
Train Time20 s.
Food.png 0 Wood.png 0 Gold.png 100 Population 1
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The Priest is a Babylonian Support Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP values which are different are placed in brackets ().


  • Provides support in and out of combat, the Priest converts enemy units and heals friendly units out of combat.

Equipment Slots[]

In-game Priests


  • Combined with walls or a meat-shield, priests can be used to pull of elephant converts
  • the Code of Hammurabi research can improve priests by reducing conversion time and increasing their range