There is a serious divide between free and Premium players access to the games content, however Free players are able to join any coop quest a premium player starts and is able to access the entire main campaign (but not the, shorter, premium bonus campaign)

Both Free and Premium players however get the following:

  • Full Tutorial and Main Campaign
  • Access to play all Civilizations (minus the Persian, Babylonian, and Norse civilizations)
  • Ability to reach Max level(40) as all civilizations
  • All civilization campaign quests
  • Full Civilization Technology Trees (Minus Premium Technology which is indictated by a star icon.)
  • Capital Cities for Each Civilization
  • Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay (with an average quest time of 25 minutes)
  • Co-Op Campaign Missions (90% of the campaign is Co-Op able)
  • Online Random PVP (Via Sparta or Arena)
  • Multiplayer Chat
  • Gear (White: Common, and Green: Uncommon Gear)
  • Ability to earn and spend Empire Points.
  • Both free and premium Civilizations are limited in their cosmetic buildings option. They need to purchase an ornaments pack.

Below is a table representing the differences in a more tangible light than the sales pitch at the Bazaar: Items available:

Free Premium
Storage Houses* 2 5
Workshops 2 basic max
8 basic max
2 advanced max
Crafting Schools Limited to 1 at a time Limited to 2 at a time
Equipment Uncommon All Access
PVP Unranked Ranked and Unranked
Advisors available? No Yes
Consignments** No Yes
Blueprints Uncommon All Access

* Every civilization starts with a 16-slot warehouse that is unpackable. Giving free civilizations only one warehouse to build and pro and premium civilization only four warehouses to build.
** Consignments are the 5% commision paid to Premium players when another player buys something with gold from a store in their city.

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