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Philosophy.png Philosophy
Reduces upgrades research time at Buildings.
  • -40% Research Time
Points: 0
Research Costs: 100 Food.png, 200 Gold.png
Research Time: 30 sec
Civilization(s): Greek

This Technology is researched in-game at the Academy and is unlocked for free along with the Murder Holes technology.


With the economic advances that are happening within Greek Polis society, both in the agriculture and other consumer goods, caused a population growth in mainland Greece, and the ability of the upper classes located in the city-states, to study the workings of the natural universe. What the Greeks call Philosophy, which literally means "love of wisdom", is a catch-all term to cover a wide variety of subjects from the relationship of the state and its citizens to the workings of the universe. With this new knowledge of the world being spread to the citizens of the Greek City-States caused an increased efficiency in the workings of Greek society. Noted Greek philosophers include Socrate, Plato, and Aristotle and their influence is still felt in the modern day.