The Persian Civilization is one of the six playable civilizations in Age of Empires Online. It was released as the third civilization on October 18, 2011. Also, it was unveiled as the first Pro Civilization, which meant it required purchase to play.

Civilization Edit

Travel east as you command the Persians, one of the most powerful empires in ancient times, who controlled much of the known world and influenced culture around the globe. Battle with unique units such as the Immortals, mounted Persian Archers, and special attack elephants. Uncover new unit gear and Advisor cards. Single player and PvP battles await you![1].

Unique Features Edit

  • Access to a powerful melee and ranged unit, the Immortal.
  • Storehouses heal nearby units when Aid Tent is purchased.
  • Have access to War Wagon which are able to kill enemies from a distance while absorbing arrows.
  • Able to use toggleable technology to turn the tide of the battle!
  • An archery based civilization.
  • Early access to the mighty tank unit, the Sparabara.

Units Edit

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Buildings Edit

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Technologies Edit

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Milestones Edit

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References Edit

  1. Persian Civilization | Age of Empires Online

Behind the scenesEdit


On July 20, 2011 the Celtic and Persian civilizations were announced for release during the winter holiday season.[[|[4]]] The Persians were released on October 18, 2011 as a Pro civilization, which meant that the civilization had to be purchased to play (more details about Pro civilization : see Civilization). The Celts were delayed and eventually released on March 26, 2012.

Historical backgroundEdit

The Old Persians, who were one of these ethnic Iranian groups, were originally nomadic, pastoral people in the western Iranian plateau and by 850 BCE were calling themselves the Parsa and their constantly shifting territory Parsua for the most part localized around Persis (Pars), bounded on the west by Tigris river and on the south by Persian Gulf.


Age of Empires Online Persian Overview Trailer

Age of Empires Online Persian Overview Trailer

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