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Persia in Peril (DEMO)
Persian Demo Quests
Giver(s)Tarsos Trader
CityCapital City
PreviousMeet the Persians
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Persia in Peril (DEMO) is a Quest in Age of Empires Online, which demonstrates the Persian Civilization.

Quest Objectives[]

Using the Persian forces provided by the Tarsos Trader, destroy the War Academies and Town Centers controlled by the Followers of Gaumata, and kill their leader, Gaumata's Lieutenant.

Enjoy this quest as a sample of what's available in the Pro Persian Civilization. For the full Persian experience, visit the Empire Bazaar and purchase the pack.
REPEATABLE - 12 hours

  • War Academies Destroyed: 0/3
  • Town Centers Destroyed: 0/3
  • Gaumata's Lieutenant Killed: 0/1


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Quest Giver Quotes[]

Tarsos Trader
Since the death of Cyrus the Great, the struggle for leadership has brought much trouble to Persia! On one side, there is a man claiming to be Bardiya, son of Cyrus, and on the other side is Darius, a great hero of our people. I am but a humble trader and would normally not involve myself in the affairs of our leaders, but this man claiming to be Bardiya is an imposter! I know him to be Gaumata, a most cruel warlord.
His followers have set up camps nearby to train Magi at their War Academies. Use the loyal Persian forces I have mustered to destroy them if you can. Help Persia through this time of great trouble.
Tarsos Trader
Persia needs you! Do not allow Gaumata to gain control of the empire.
Tarsos Trader
Darius will be most pleased with your successes! You are truly an ally of Persia.