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Palintonon (Egyptian)
Egyptian Siege Unit
Age AvailableGoldenAgeIcon.png Golden Age
Damage92 (58)
Damage TypeCrush
Attack Range55 (50)
Splash Area1
Hit Points350
Sight Range48 (40)
Train Time60 s.
Trained/Built fromSiege Workshop (Egyptian)
Food.png 0 Wood.png 350 Gold.png 250 Population 5
Armor vs. ranged0.85
Bonus vs. buildingsx2.5 (x4)
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The Palintonon is an Egyptian Siege Unit in Age of Empires Online. PvP Values which are different are put in brackets ().


  • A Superior long range siege unit, the Palintonon reduces heavy defenses to rubble in a matter of seconds.

Special Abilities[]

  • Pack: Packs the Palintonon into a mobile unit. However, It can’t attack in this mode.
  • Unpack: Unpacks the Palintonon into a stationary artillery so that it can make use of its attack.

Equipment Slots[]



  • Unlike other civs, it is trained at the Siege Workshop (Egyptian)
  • The Palintonon has the longest attack range in the game. However, its attack range is greater than its sight range.
  • It has a minimum attack range of 17, so it is best to keep some units close to the Palintonon to protect it.