PVP Multiplayer

Sparta PVP Multiplayer Game Mode

PVP Multiplayer is a game mode in Age of Empires Online.

Gameplay Edit

You can currently play Champion Mode ranked PvP matches in the Sparta Region. To unlock Sparta, accept the "Visit Sparta" quest from your City Ambassador. The quest is available for players who are level 3 or higher. You can also click the spartan shield on the quest map to access Sparta, or use the PLAY-ui at the top of the screen (to the right of the Empire Point counter). Both casual (unranked) and competitive play are played through the Arena, at the Arena Promoter.

Spartan Arena/Arena Edit

  • The 1v1 and 2v2 Leaderboards are accessed from the Spartan Arena in the Sparta region. It is different to the Arena. The Arena is used to host custom games in your home city, for practice games in Champion Mode, casual games in Standard Mode, and for competitive play. To get the Arena you need to be level 3, and talk to the Spartan Commander in the Sparta region. He will give you the blueprint with which you can place the Arena in your home city. Use the chat as your lobby and add people of your skill level to get matches faster and to allow you to improve the best way.

Rewards Edit

  • Custom games hosted in the Arena hold no rewards unless it's for organised play such as tournaments and showmatches
  • Sparta rewards XP, 3 Empire Points, 200 gold, and 5 Sparta Points to both players for any game that runs over 4 minutes. The winner will also receive 7EP, 300 coins and another 10 SP. For 10 minute-or-longer games there is another 5 SP and a level-scaled chest reward to both players, while winning 15 minute-or-longer games gives another 5 SP and another level-scaled chest.
  • The coin and XP rewards are doubled during Sparta Heroic Hour

Modes Edit

  • Prior to Project Celeste there was unranked modes over Sparta, and a premium civilization requirement
  • For now there is no team-2v2 queue functionality, however, you can use the Arena to play "organised" 2v2 match-ups.
  • Use the drop-down bar in the Sparta UI to toggle between 1v1 and 2v2 queues
Sparta UI

User Interface of Sparta Arena

Trueskill Edit

  • TrueSkill is a global system that measures the skill of the player independent of any external variables. What this means is that per Live ID, you have a single 1v1 Ranked, 1v1 Unranked, 2v2 Ranked, and 2v2 Unranked TrueSkill rank regardless of the shard you’re on, which civilization you’re playing, or the level of your capital city. It’s about your skill with any and all of your civilizations and cities.
  • Sparta PvP uses TrueSkill matchmaking for matching players in both Unranked and Ranked modes. There are no leaderboards for Unranked; in that mode, TrueSkill is used to find the highest quality match for each player. Ranked players write their results to the Global Leaderboards. [1]

PvP SeasonEdit

Sparta PvP seasons run for 45 day periods in sync with the Crete leaderboard/seasons. All players that play a minimum of 5 games and have a minimum of 1 win qualify to get rewards, starting out at 7500 gold and 125 empire points plus a level 40 epic-or-legendary rewards chest. There are higher reward tiers at 66%, 33%, top 50, top 25, top 10, top 5 and 1st. Each with better gold, EP and chest rewards.

You can qualify for rewards in both 1v1 and 2v2, meaning that even less-experienced players can get quite reasonable rewards every season turnover provided they play at least 5 games and win at least 1 (per mode).

Notes Edit

  • If you are interested in participating actively in PvP it is encouraged that you join the Project Celeste PvP Discord in order to find opponents (and for 2v2, teammates) of suitable skill level.
  • If you are inexperienced in PvP, you can find information on strategy and gameplay in the PvP Strategy section.
  • All games over Sparta are Champion mode, however, you can choose between champion and non-champion mode at the arena.
  • Because of the low player base, players will often be faced with unevenly skilled opponents. There is no rules against attempting to encourage players of similar skill level to join you in the queue in the General, PvP and LFG chats, or to try (politely) dissuade players that are far too strong or weak for you, provided you aren't spamming.
  • It is encouraged to be polite before and after the game.

Current Rotation Edit

With the August 31st, 2020 Changelog update the PVP map pool is as follows:

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