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"Get off my lawn!"
~Good Ol' Man Fischer

The Ol' Man Fischer is a Quest Giver in Age of Empires Online. He lives in the Capital City. He is a stereotypically grumpy old man, with a walking stick as a cane. When talked to before the quest has been completed but after it has been accepted, he will say "Get off my lawn!," a stereotypically common quote of grumpy old men.

He has a dog named Bella, who's name may be a reference to one of the producer's dogs. If so, this is not the first or only time this reference has been made in an Age of Empires game. In the spin-off Age of Mythology, a cheat can be entered to unlock a unit, a dog named Bella, which is stronger than any other unit in the game, even the titan unit introduced in the Titans expansion pack.

Side Quests[]

The following Quests have the Ol' Man Fischer involved.