{WIP} The following are all pages related to making your own off-line maps, quests, and everything else relating to offline mode.

If you are brand new to the subject, I highly suggest the Quest Tutorial 1 Simple Introduction from the forums.

AI Edit

.Quest files Edit

Navigating Resources.ProjectCeleste Edit

resources.projectceleste is a database with most of the games Ai files, Art Assests, .quest files, and RandomMap (RM) files.

They were organized by Gas Powered Games into a few different categories:

A Edit

A1 - A3 relate to the various Alliances.

B Edit

B1 - B4 relate to the Booster Packs.

C Edit

C1 - C7 relate to the various Civilizations.

Celeste Edit

The "Celeste" directory is where all of the Project Celeste content is stored. Withint his directory are sub directories with each of the Quest Packs that have been added by the team.

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