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Nubia Weapon Store
Nubia Weapon Store.png
UseSells Weapons in exchange for NP
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The Nubia Weapon Store sells different weapons for different amounts of Nubia Points. The weapons range from Common to Rare.

Nubia Weapon Store
Item Nubia Point Nubia Point
Rawhide Sling 25 NP
Copper Great Axe 25 NP
Copper Spear 30 NP
Pine Bow 25 NP
Copper-Point Arrows 20 NP
Nubian Service Medal 75 NP
Thoths' Prayer Beads 60 NP
Nubian Tempest Axe 70 NP
Sesostris' Training Scrolls 70 NP


Massalia / Mycenae / Nubia ♠[]

♠ Each cities stores have the same contents -- minus advisors