Nubia General Store
Nubia General Store 2019
UseSells Weapons in exchange for Coin
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The Nubia General Store sells different craft items, consumables, advisors, and a blueprint for different amounts of Coin. The items range from Common to Rare.

Nubia General Store
Item Coin Coin
Leather 35 C
Bronze Ingots 35 C
Olive Oil 35 C
Oak Planks 35 C
Granite Blocks 35 C
Ma'Terial's Tomb 500 C
Nubian Archers 80 C
Apprentice Mason Philon 225 C
Nynetjer, Lord of the Hunt 300 C

Nubia General Store 2019

Nubia General Store

Image of store selling Nubian War Elephant


Massalia / Mycenae / Nubia ♠Edit

♠ Each cities stores have the same contents -- minus advisors


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