Northern Invasion Game Mode

The Northern Invasion is a Booster Pack for Age of Empires Online, which give access to Northern Invasion Quests.

Gameplay Edit

The Northern Invasion primary goal is to reach a set amount of Victory Points before the AI opponent does by capturing and holding key locations throughout the city.

Story Edit


Northern Invasion Game Mode

Northern Invasion starts in Northern Europe around 200-100 BC. A charismatic, albeit insane, Norse War Leader has appeared to stir up trouble for his people which threatens to spill over into the rest of Europe. All that stands in his way is a small band of freedom fighters led by a Norse Chief named Vemundr. A veteran of many battles, Vemundr towers over mortal men. Found in many a hall in the north, around warm, inviting hearths, bards weave epic sagas of the warrior clad in white wolf hides. Into battle he charges, snatching victory from certain defeat almost single-handedly.

Features Edit

  • Control Chief Vemundr, a Hero unit with abilities that can be upgraded over the course of a mission. Vemundr has two activated abilities and two passive upgrades that can be purchased. Each of these significantly improves Vemundr with the potential to engage and defeat large armies by himself.
  • Victory Towers that give victory points and function as defensive structures when captured.
  • It can be played solo or cooperatively with a friend.
  • Training Camp to build units at the Training Camp, assisting Vemundr in capturing Victory Towers and then holding them against enemy assault.
    • Training Camp will also provide upgrade that will benefit the defender giving them more speed and cost reduction.
  • Treasuries are locations scattered throughout the city provide players with gold, the longer they are held the more gold they will supply.
  • The training roster is comprised of three distinct units from the civilization you are playing and two unique units(Mercenary Defender and Mercenary Priest).
  • This new City Defense mode plays quickly and provides players with choices to focus on the hero or train an army.

Feeling a little evil? If you've done all of the quests, then you can:

  • Control Warlord Beorix, a evil Hero unit with abilities that can improve his units and unleash devastating attack of a mission. Beorix has two activated abilities and two passive upgrades. Each of these slightly improves Beorix, but improves his army greatly with the potential to engage Vemundr by themselves.
  • Play solo(difficult) or cooperatively with a friend.
  • Training Camp on Beorix's side will now instead of providing speed, will provide critical chances and cost reduction. Like wise, you are still able to train Mercenary Defender and Mercenary Priests.
  • Instead of defending your city. You must conquer them. In a City Conquest mode plays quickly and more difficult as Vemundr and his army will receive additional gold income
  • Have greater rewards. Warlord Beorix will offer your more money on conquering cities and looting cities whereas Vemundr will offer you little compared to Beorix's payment.

Development Edit

  • It was first revealed on October 21st, 2012.
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