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Mycenae Weapons Store sells weapons for level 10, 13 and 17 players. This NPC store is unlocked after you complete the quest to Mycenae city. All items are purchased with the Mycenae Points received from quest.

Mycenae Weapons Store
Item Mycenae Points CoinCoin.png
Copper Tipped Javelin 20 MP 26 C
Copper Sword 30 MP 26 C
Copper Spear 30 MP 26 C
Pine Bow 25 MP 26 C
Copper-Point Arrows 20 MP 26 C
Mycenaean Broadhead Spear 60 MP 64 C
Mycenaean Milita Belt 75 MP 80 C
Mycenaean Heavy Gloves 70 MP 80 C
Mycenaean Siege Beams 60 MP 80 C