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Mycenae Crafting Store
Mycenae Crafting Store Panel.jpg
UseSells Craft Materials and Workshop Blueprints in exchange for Coins
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The Mycenae Crafting Store sells blueprints for the Advanced Crafting Workshops as well as additional recipes for the Basic crafting stores.

Mycenae Crafting Store
Item Coin Coin
Crafting Recipe: Oak Planks 50 C
Crafting Recipe: Olive Oil 50 C
Crafting Recipe: Granite Blocks 50 C
Crafting Recipe: Bronze Ingots 50 C
Crafting Recipe: Leather 50 C
Gem Cutter's Workshop 200 C
Toolmaker's Workshop 200 C
Alchemist's Workshop 200 C
Weaver's Workshop 200 C
Scrivener's Workshop 200 C